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The purpose of the TradeConnect platform is to give trade professionals the choice of how they want to purchase the product needed for their projects. The platform's project creation tool allows seamless product selection, ensuring that everything is compatible. Once the sale is complete, the products are meticulously organized, labeled, and delivered to the job site. 

Animated Video Introduction

In this exciting project, I embarked on a self-taught journey in Adobe After Effects, creating captivating animations, scripting the narrative, and recording the engaging voiceover. The video showcases the seamless integration of Studio41's decades of experience and expertise, culminating in a powerful tool tailored to meet the unique needs of tradespeople.


The purpose of this animated video is to introduce Studio41's TradeConnect platform to tradespeople, highlighting its unique features and advantages in the home design industry.


Our goal with this video is to capture the attention of tradespeople, encouraging them to sign up for TradeConnect and experience the convenience and flexibility it offers.

Target Audience:

The video is targeted towards tradespeople seeking a powerful online marketplace to streamline project planning and product sourcing.

Animation Creation:

Through countless hours of YouTube videos, I was able to learn how to make vector animations in Adobe After Effects. I converted artwork from Adobe Illustrator into captivating animations that visually convey TradeConnect's functionalities and benefits.


As the copywriter, I composed the narrative to introduce TradeConnect as a game-changing platform that leverages Studio41's decades of experience to meet tradespeople's needs.

Voiceover Recording:

I also took on the role of voice actor, ensuring a compelling and engaging delivery that aligns seamlessly with the animation and script.

Visually Compelling Storytelling:

The Studio41 TradeConnect Animated Video Introduction successfully combines captivating animation, an engaging script, and an evocative voiceover to create a visually compelling storytelling experience.

Empowering Tradespeople:

The video empowers tradespeople to harness the potential of TradeConnect, offering them a flexible and accessible platform for seamless project planning and product selection.

Key Takeaways: 

Self-teaching Adobe After Effects allowed me to bring my creative vision to life, resulting in a visually stunning animated video. Scriptwriting and voiceover work were tailored to resonate with tradespeople, emphasizing TradeConnect's unique features and Studio41's commitment to their success.

TradeConnect Platform Walkthrough

To assist in the use of TradeConnect, I created video walkthroughs explaining how to utilize the website. In this video, I captured myself using the website, and explained how to get the most out of the platform.

TradeConnect Animated Logo

Before creating the animated video introduction, I used After Effects to animate the platform's logo.

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