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Studio41 Window Program

Studio41 is primarily known for its decorative plumbing and hardware, not windows. In an effort to bring awareness to the Studio41 Window Program, I created short-form videos that were distributed across various digital platforms.

15-Second Awareness Commercial


The purpose of this 15-second digital commercial is to promote Studio41's Window Program, emphasizing the partnership with Infinity from Marvin and the program's excellence in window solutions.


Our goal with this commercial is to capture viewers' attention during YouTube pre-roll ads, leaving a lasting impression and encouraging them to explore the Studio41 Window Program.

Target Audience:

This commercial is targeted at consumers that are currently aware of Studio41 as a brand but are unaware that they offer windows. 


I wrote the script in a way that effectively communicates Studio41's dedication to offering premium window solutions, leveraging the excellence of Infinity from Marvin.

Voice-Over Recording:

Collaborating with one of our trusted voice actors, I ensured a professional and engaging voiceover delivery that complements the script's narrative.

Editing & Post Production:

I edited the commercial, seamlessly incorporating footage from Infinity from Marvin to visually convey the quality and aesthetic of our window offerings.

Strategic & Impactful:

The Studio41 Window Program 15-second digital commercial delivers a strategic and impactful message within a concise timeframe, ensuring optimal effectiveness for YouTube pre-roll ads.

Enhanced Visuals:

The integration of Infinity from Marvin footage elevates the commercial's visual appeal, allowing viewers to see the quality of our window solutions firsthand.


The collaboration with a professional voice actor and the integration of visually appealing Infinity from Marvin footage contributed to the commercial's overall effectiveness. Crafting a succinct script that captures the essence of the Studio41 Window Program was essential for creating an impactful 15-second commercial.

Short-Form Videos

I created multiple short-form videos, formatted for mobile, that were used to garner awareness for the Studio41 Window Program on various social platforms.

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