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Studio41 Cabinetry

As a key contributor to this project, I played a vital role in every stage, from scripting the commercial to casting the voice actor and guiding the on-site filming at our Chicago showroom, in collaboration with Sweet Baby Media.

Quick Ship Cabinetry Program

The Studio41 Quick Ship Cabinetry Program - a dynamic 15-second digital commercial that invites homeowners to discover an extensive inventory of budget-friendly cabinets, available for immediate purchase.


The purpose of this 15-second digital commercial was to promote Studio41's Quick Ship Cabinetry Program, highlighting the vast inventory of budget-friendly cabinets available for immediate purchase.


Our goal with this commercial was to attract homeowners seeking quick and convenient cabinetry solutions, while also encouraging them to take advantage of an exclusive extra 10% discount when ordering.

Target Audience:

The digital commercial targeted homeowners and remodelers seeking efficient and cost-effective cabinet options for their projects.


As the scriptwriter, I crafted a concise and compelling script that effectively communicated Studio41's Quick Ship Cabinetry Program, emphasizing speed, budget-friendliness, and the extra discount incentive.


With the help of Sweet Baby Media, we were able to cast the perfect voice actor, ensuring their delivery resonated with the commercial's message and Studio41's brand identity.

On-Site Filming:

I played a pivotal role in guiding the on-site filming at our Chicago showroom, ensuring the visuals aligned seamlessly with the commercial's narrative.

Professional Voice Recording:

As the scriptwriter, I was present during the voiceover recording. During our studio session at The Noise Floor, we worked through multiple takes of the script and even ran through new revisions that were made during the recording. 

Radio Commercial Repurposing:

The voiceover was repurposed for a compelling radio commercial, extending the reach of Studio41's Quick Ship Cabinetry Program to a wider audience.

Cross-Platform Reach:

The repurposing of the voiceover for the radio commercial ensured a broader audience was exposed to Studio41's Quick Ship Cabinetry Program, amplifying brand awareness.

Key Takeaways:

The digital and radio commercials worked harmoniously to amplify Studio41's Quick Ship Cabinetry Program, showcasing the brand's dedication to providing swift and budget-friendly solutions. Every aspect of this project, from scripting to on-site filming and voice recording, was strategically orchestrated to create a compelling and cohesive digital commercial.

Allure Cabinetry by Studio41

This digital commercial is aimed at bringing awareness to the fact that Studio41 manufactures its own brand of cabinetry. Filmed in tandem with the previous commercials, the Allure Cabinetry commercial showcases the speed and efficiency of the Allure brand, offering custom cabinets in as little as two weeks.


The purpose of this TV commercial was to inform consumers that Studio41 has their own exclusive cabinetry brand, Allure, and to highlight the brand's swift delivery time of custom cabinets in as little as two weeks.


Our goal with this commercial was to create awareness about Studio41's legacy of helping customers build their dream homes for over half a century and promote the availability and efficiency of the Allure Cabinetry brand.

Target Audience:

The TV commercial targeted homeowners and remodelers seeking high-quality, custom cabinetry solutions within a short timeframe.


As the lead scriptwriter, I skillfully crafted the script for the TV commercial, blending Studio41's legacy with the exciting revelation of their exclusive Allure Cabinetry brand and its swift delivery times.

On-Site Filming

Working simultaneously with the other commercials, I played an integral role in ensuring the on-site filming seamlessly conveyed the enchantment of the Allure Cabinetry world.

Professional Voice Recording:

Just like the previous commercials, I facilitated the professional voice recording at The Noise Floor in Chicago, securing an engaging audio performance that brought the Allure Cabinetry story to life.

Informative and Engaging:

The Studio41 Allure Cabinetry TV commercial effectively informed consumers about Studio41's exclusive Allure brand and its remarkable two-week delivery time, engaging viewers with the brand's legacy.

Reinforcing Brand Identity:

The commercial reaffirmed Studio41's position as a trusted provider of exceptional cabinetry solutions, encompassing both in-stock and exclusive offerings.

Key Takeaways:

By highlighting the Allure Cabinetry brand and its swift delivery times, the commercial showcased Studio41's dedication to meeting customer needs with speed and efficiency. Simultaneously filming and recording this commercial with the previous ones allowed for a cohesive and impactful narrative, reinforcing Studio41's commitment to excellence.

Short Form Video Content

After these commercials were made, I was able to convert the footage into various short form videos for Studio41's social media platforms.

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